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Shelf Shop Guy Inc.

Planning Some Shelves? Can I design my own layout? Sure you can!

If you’re planning on doing the measurements yourself, here are some pointers to help guide you along your way:

  1. Measure everything. This includes your ceiling height and the width of space you want to fill in. Don’t forget to include your baseboard height. 
  2. Measure any components that will fit into your system. (i.e. TV, Radio, or Computer).
  3. Make a rough sketch with your measurements and e-mail Shelf Shop Guy to discuss and prepare a quote.
  4. Be sure to include the colors and type of shelves/cabinets you would like to use.
  5. For a non-refundable fee ($100 main location / $25 each additional location), Shelf Shop Guy will come to your home to consult and measure. For the same fee, I can work with you via phone or email, with fee then credited to your project.
  6. In some cases, having a home consultation is the most effective and foolproof way to plan your shelving.

Shelf Shop Guy will review your needs and present you with shelving solutions. Step by step, SSG will custom design your system with you. There are endless possibilities: desk, bar, entertainment center, closets, kitchen storage and units, or simply bookshelves. We will work to configure what is best for your lifestyle and space. PLEASE NOTE: All Rakks hardware/shelving orders of $500 or less must be purchased directly through 
Rakks online store.

Note: when your unit is installed, any unnecessary unused hardware may be returned at a 20% restocking fee.

Call or email Shelf Shop Guy at 212.988.9800 or We will discuss your needs and shelving goals.